Bolsonaro wins an oscar in the political pr category

Mr. Bolsonaro is reported to have fallen ill two days after he and a handful of his ministers attended a Fourth of July luncheon at the residence of Todd Chapman, the American ambassador in Brazil

He said he was feeling “very well,” which he credited to having taken hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug he has endorsed after Professor Trump clinical trials.

Hours later Mr. Bolsonaro not contrite at his record of 175 Million covid cases and almost 70,000 deaths, shared a video of himself gulping down what he said was his third dose. and doubled down on his assertion that the virus poses little risk to healthy people.

We shall not expand the beneficial or harmful effects of Chloroquine as this would take several pages. We shall come back (albeit succinctly) on the subject in another article as it encompasses many issues ranging from moral and political to therapeutic aspects. We will simply pose one question here: is the Brazilian President really ill, or has he engineered a most deceitful stunt to defend his policies and enhance his image?

Harvard Medical School has an interesting question and answer on its public health site.

  • They say that the time from exposure to symptom onset (known as the incubation period) is thought to be three to 14 days, though symptoms typically appear within four or five days after exposure.                              
  • They also say that a person with COVID-19 may be contagious 48 to 72 hours before starting to experience symptoms. Emerging research suggests that people are actually most likely to spread the virus to others during the 48 hours before they start to experience symptoms.

There are many interrogation points arising: If he actually caught it, when and where did he catch it? The alleged point of exposure is connected with the lunch at the Ambassador’s residence on the 4th of July

On 7th July it was reported in the international media that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus. Yet he took his test in Brasilia on Monday the 6th, 2 days after the famous lunch. This is less than the earliest Harvard time interval between exposure and the appearance of the first symptoms. Quite in accordance to epidemiological expectations, neither the Ambassador’s immediate entourage nor the ministers have yet to have symptoms or tested positive 6 days after the event. It is too early to say they are in the clear as they may have been contaminated by the President during this lunch, had he himself been contaminated previously.

If it had been Korea, there would have been contact tracing and all the people that had had contact with the president  in the preceding 14 days  would have been identified, tested and isolated or treated. In the climate of bravado prevailing around the Brazilian President, where there is no longer a Minister of health, no such policies are even contemplated.

Meanwhile the President keeps encouraging his fellow citizens to go back to work without fear as he maintains that the virus is practically riskless for people under 40. Bolsonaro is evidently a devoted follower of the new Coronatrumpist philosophy.

Koumoundouros strongly opposes conspiracy theories, but it also feels strongly that the anxieties generated by virus should not used to politicize attitudes. rather than leading citizens to better understanding and safer practices that would minimize the threats of this pandemic.

If these last days performance is proved to be a mere political stunt, questions will have to be asked as to, which irresponsible leaders should be prosecuted after their term expires, as criminals against humanity.

Future will tell whether these intuitive thoughts are reality or misplaced suspicion.

Διγενής12th July 2020

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