Getting back to normal

The Great Coronavirus Tragi-Comedy

Getting back to normal

Some of us, looking at what is happening today in the world, regard it as sheer international lunacy. We are celebrating the comeback of flights, with water jets, orchestras or sometimes more humble folklore bands; tourists coming down jet steps declare themselves  thrilled, even though the arrival package might include a 24 or more hours stay at a quarantine hotel; they are ecstatic with the nippiness of the virus tests, which they seem to take with the appeal of welcome cocktails.

 All this, while more than 11 million fellow-humans have been stricken by the virus and more than half a million are already dead. In the midst of all this, there are indescribable caricatures, that regard themselves as world  leaders, who congratulate themselves for their fatal mistakes, while changing their minds, acts and policies, every minute – which results in an effortless modus operandi to pile-up more cadavers.

The few un-deranged humans that are still free to walk around, to think and speak their mind, feel as if they, too, have come out of a space-craft on a day tour from the good-old planet Earth to this hellish paradise of discordant  Globality, where everything is so depressingly freak and immersed in conflicting lies.  However hard one tries to find a thread of logic in this cancerous falseness, one bumps into a hard rock in the heart of which beats a cacophony of deceit.

As I have written at the beginning of this coronavirus onslaught (Some deeper considerations on coronavirus, by Maximos, April 2020 (in Greek), we have gone wrong with our scales of values, which and instead of upholding humanity and respecting the environment, we have placed money and consumption at the pedestal of human worship.  

To close with what we started: We shall not get back to normal, because the pre-coronavirus “normality” was not very “normal”.   Our scale of values, our political systems, economic globalisation without global regulation, simply do not work and need a thorough overhaul and restructure.  We shall be extremely lucky if, with the current quality of political leadership in many advanced or developing parts of the world, we may overcome this first wave of coronavirus, let alone deflect a second.

Despite everything as Professor Trump reminds us, miracles are always possible! Have a nice summer.

By Maximus5th July, 2020

P.S. The wish comes from a Greek Island untouched by the virus

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